SDK 2024 LED 6


  1. Registration and Mentor Selection:
    • Dancers register for the event and select their preferred mentor based on dance style.
    • Mentors are divided into two groups: mentors for shows (hip hop, house, dancehall, 2x choreo, contemporary) and mentors for battles (hip hop, house, funk, litefeet).
  2. Workshop Sessions:
    • Dancers attend four sessions with their chosen mentor, delving into the mentor’s perspective, techniques, and dance vision.
    • Mentors pick the top 20 dancers in the first three sessions and the top 5 in the fourth.
    • Top students proceed to special training with mentors for the final show or battle.
  3. Flexibility and Additional Workshops:
    • Dancers can attend workshops outside their mentor’s sessions and regular workshops featuring top duos from CZ & SK.
    • All-in tickets include attendance at a total of 16 workshops.
  4. Final Show or Battle Preparation:
    • Top dancers undergo special training with mentors, focusing on refining skills and routines through rehearsals, feedback sessions, and coaching.
  5. Final Show or Battle:
    • The event concludes with a show or battle featuring top dancers and mentors, providing a platform to display  the results of their training under the guidance of their mentors, growth and talent to the audience.

This process enables dancers to learn from mentors, collaborate with peers, and demonstrate their abilities, fostering growth and connection in the dance community.


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